Tianjin Hongshuo Machine Weaving Carpets

Tianjin Hongshuo Machine Weaving Carpets Co.,Ltd. is a specialized company to develop, design, produce and sell woven carpets, silk rugs, doormats, three-piece suit, four-piece suit, six-piece suit, and 18-piece suit, trying to achieve perfection in every step. We are one of the China’s large-scale manufacturers of woven carpets, possessing a full set of advanced carpet production equipment, mainly produce and sell woven printed carpets and flooring materials. We have complete inspection means, design team and after service. For excellent product quality and efficient service, we have won a broad market and enjoyed a good reputation–woven printed carpets, silk rugs, doormats and bathroom sets are sold around the world.

Dianzi Village Ind. Park
Cuihuangkou Town
Wuqing District301702 TianjinChina

Phone: +86 22 29575688

Fax: +86 22 60685688