Firuze Spor

We first met with 26 mm grass carpet with the help of montage elements coming from Germany in 1988. Our company is able to carry out planning, design, manufacturing and installation, surface treatment application in any category. We believe that this kind of work will result in our customers getting support for the various systems and developing existing production facilities with new and up-to-date applications, thus improving product quality, functionality and cost.

Firuze Spor , which takes the principle that it will be able to catch up with the investments made by technology, and always carries out its activities based on customer satisfaction , continues its sales and marketing activities for better quality and widespread service.

Our sport lovers, who have longed for the modern sporting facilities in Europe for years, have built hundreds of facilities all over our country with a very intensive work in order to achieve this desire. Our prime as a company is to present the best quality material to our customers at the cheapest price while paying attention to the conditions of human health and environment compatibility of the facilities. We have been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and we are confirming them on technical specifications and in our warranty documents.

While always trying to protect our success by improving ourselves in the past, we have signed a lot of work in the construction and food sector

After 1997, we have been continuing our way to reach bigger targets with the faithful management working to improve the construction sector with the institutional structure which has taken our place as turkish construction and strong cautious innovative targets.

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